Super Bowl XLVIII – Broncos Still Winners!

Okay, I admit it, I am a Broncos fan (bet you could’t have guessed from the title line, eh?).  Born “Brown” (Cleveland) with a family who likes to “Bear-Down” (Chicago), raised to “Ride”  (Broncos), spent a great deal of my adult life and career in cities where it was popular to “Bolt” (SD),  Prospect for Gold (Sf 49ers) and even “Boom” with a “Hawk”, and finally my “Card” ending up in Phoenix/Scottsdale where I reside today.   Even with all those moves and influences, I still “bleed orange” and that “passion” was awakened from the likes of  John Elway, Shannon Sharp, Karl Mecklenburg, Rod Smith, Terrell Davis (and others) as  some of the athletic “hero’s” I admired growing up.  I went to the high school that the “Coach” Pagano’s attended.  I played  co-ed  tackle football in my front yard almost every summer night with the kids in my neighborhood (yup, I’m a girl, and a “girly-girl” at that) and I love the game.  While I personally never had much success in football, I had an amateur run at some other sports and participate today in sports and athletics and think it is extremely valuable for the generation we are raising now to continue to do as well.  I may only be an “armchair” player today but certainly I am a fan for the game and respect for those in it and the hard work it takes to get there.  I am loyal and faithful to my hometown team but also follow, respect, and root for many of “my” opponents as well (new and old school) and am thrilled to have many of those Stallions wearing orange today.

That is precisely why to me, the Broncos may have lost the “battle” but they are winning the “war”.  I have been immeasurably impressed not only by what they delivered this year but how they conducted themselves as true  leaders and sportsmen of the game.  From my couch, I see a team who works hard, works together, leads by example on and off the field and I could not feel more proud of what they did “together” this year.

Was this loss painful, indeed!  Could they have done better, “maybe” (not really for my “armchair” coaching to determine).  Am I proud of the leadership, team-work, professionalism, and athletic prowess the demonstrated pretty much all season….No Doubt!

To the entire Broncos team and organization, this “armchair” fan is happy to “bleed orange” so hang in there;  keep working hard and that passion and fire in your work. I know you have even more great things to come, you are “winners” in my book.  Have no doubt, that sweet cake is  out of the oven, cooling off and all that is left is to put the icing on the top.